INSS conducts research in the multiplicity of fields that comprise security studies and impact on strategic issues relating to Israel's national security. Basic research complements analysis of issues of the day. The practical application of INSS research takes the form of "out of the box" thinking and the design of policy options for decision makers in government, the defense establishment, the strategic community, and the private sector.

The books written by INSS associates are published by leading university presses and commercial publishers. The Strategic Survey for Israel series is an annual survey of major developments that impact on Israel's strategic environment. Memoranda are analytical monographs with policy-relevant implications. INSS publishes two journals: the quarterly Strategic Assessment, and Cyber, Intelligence, and Security, published three times a year. INSS Insight, a quick response to timely events, is distributed as an e-publication.

In order to safeguard the intellectual freedom of the staff, INSS maintains a strict position of non-partisanship on issues of public policy. The opinions expressed in any of the INSS publications are those of the authors; they do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute, its trustees, officers, other staff members, or the organizations and individuals that support its research. Thus, the publication of a work by INSS signifies that it is deemed worthy of public consideration, but does not imply endorsement of conclusions or recommendations.