Anat Kurz

Anat Kurz
Anat Kurz
Director of Research, Senior Research Fellow and Editor of Insight


Anat N. Kurz is Director of Research, a senior research fellow and editor of Insight at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).  She holds an MA degree in social psychology and a PhD in political science from Tel Aviv University. Dr. Kurz has lectured and published extensively on the institutionalization processes of organized popular struggles and their oscillation between political and violent courses of action, the Palestinian national movement, Israeli-Palestinian relations, and policy dilemmas of dealing with sub-state conflicts. She has taken part in forums and conferences on strategic affairs, Middle Eastern security and conflict resolution as well as track-II Israeli-Palestinian and regional meetings. She is a member of the editorial board of Strategic Assessment, quarterly published by INSS. Her current research focuses on Israeli-Palestinian and intra-Palestinian politics.

Dr. Kurz' most recent books are Fatah and the Politics of Violence: The Institutionalization of a Popular Struggle (Sussex Academic Press and JCSS (2005) and The Palestinian Uprisings: War with Israel, War at Home. Tel Aviv: INSS Memorandum no. 98 (2009). She is the editor and contributing author of Contemporary Trends in World Terrorism (1987); Islamic Terrorism and Israel: Hizballah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas (1993); Hamas: Radical Islam in a National Struggle (1997); as well as the co-editor and contributing author of the INSS annual volumes Strategic Survey for Israel 2009 - 2016; The Lessons of Operation Protective Edge (2014) and Negotiating in Times of Conflict (2015). She is also co-editor of Arms Control Dilemmas: Focus on the Middle East (2012); Arms Control and National Security: New Horizons (2014); and Arms Control and Strategic Stability in the Middle East and Europe (2016).

Research Fields

  • Islamic fundamentalism
  • Israel: Palestinians, political process
  • Israel: security policy
  • Middle East: regional dynamics and processes
  • Palestinian national movement


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