Center for Applied Negotiations

CAN (the Center for Applied Negotiations) was officially established in early 2013 within INSS to promote innovative and pragmatic approaches for tackling some of today’s most pressing challenges in the regional and global diplomatic arena. CAN possess a unique advantage as it relies on senior practitioners who were directly involved in major international and regional negotiations and dispute resolution processes throughout the last two decades. In addition, CAN's physical location in the Middle East and its affiliation with the INSS, Israel's premier institution for security research, equip it with collective professional experience necessary to succeed in a complex environment.

The center strives to develop the most current, accurate, and creative research and practical tools in the field of conflict resolution and negotiation. CAN's main objective is bridging the gap between academia and the real world and making the knowledge accessible to policy makers, researchers and other relevant audiences. "The Israeli-Palestinian Negotiation File," published in a limited circulation by CAN, is currently in demand among  the most senior decision makers in Israel.

CAN endeavors to establish international and regional partnerships with other reputable institutions, to combine resources and to establish a world-class global institution. The center's various projects are divided under the following topics:

  1.  The Israeli-Palestinian Negotiation process
  2. Regional cooperation
  3. The Middle East
  4. Geo-political trends related to negotiations
  5. "Mind the Gap" – from theory to practice


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