Israel's Security Concept

The construction and formulation of ideas and concepts in general, and of ideas and concepts in the field of national security in particular, is a complex challenge. Israel’s security concept is a fundamental layer underpinning overall policy and strategy to promote the aims of the country and ensure its existence and prosperity. The quest for systematic guiding logic requires the constant evaluation of the validity of the insights and assessments that have led strategic thinking and policy in the past and the present, as well as an assessment of changes in the internal and external strategic environment. Such changes in context must be the basis for designing fundamental principles and insights for the future. The national security concept embraced by Israel during the initial years of statehood has been assessed on numerous occasions in recent decades, in light of the frequent changes in Israel’s strategic environment and the nature of the challenges faced by the state. Nonetheless, in recent years, a renewed need to reexamine Israel’s national security concept has emerged with greater urgency as a result of the quickening pace of the fundamental changes underway in the Middle East and in the international arena with relevance to Israel, and as a result of changes to the nature of the threats. INSS seeks to advance the ongoing conversation as to the contemporary validity of the security concept and the strategic importance of reviewing and updating this concept.

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