Civil-Military Relations

This project focuses on the interface and reciprocal influence between elements of the Israeli security system (.e.g., the IDF, GSS, Mossad, and police) and Israeli society. In this way, it considers the changes underway in the interface between various social groups within Israeli society (e.g., women, ultra-Orthodox Jews, religious Zionists, LGBT.) and bodies within the Israeli security system; the organizational model of each of the bodies (for example, the model of the army); organizational structures and the use of force; the impact of chance events on all arenas and the interaction between them; and more. The project researches the different issues as elements of social, political, economic, and political processes on the Israeli national level, as they find expression and change over time.


Major areas of research include: civil-military relations; the social aspects and implications of actions of the security system; the IDF’s ethical values vis-à-vis the reality facing IDF performance and Israeli politics; Israel’s social resilience and the tests posed by confrontation; military leadership in the IDF; and social and organizational aspects of the IDF in different warfare frameworks.


Joining INSS researchers in this program are Roni Tiargan-Or and Stuart Cohen.

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