The American Jewish Community and Israel’s National Security

The examination of American Jewry’s contribution to the national security of the State of Israel is a project that began in March 2017 and is scheduled to conclude in February 2018. It is a joint initiative between INSS and the Ruderman Family Foundation, which seeks to strengthen the relationship between Israel and United States Jewry.

The project aims to establish a foundation of knowledge to facilitate increased awareness – throughout the foreign affairs and security community and among decision makers and the shapers of public opinion in Israel – regarding the American Jewish community’s role in strengthening Israel’s national security in general and in fortifying its strategic relations with the United States in particular.

Underlying the project are two primary assumptions: the first is the existence of a weakening sense of mutual belonging and commitment between the American Jewish community and the State of Israel. The second is the existence of gaps in knowledge and awareness within the security community and among policymakers in Israel regarding American Jewry’s importance to Israel’s national security. These gaps result in Israeli conduct and decision making that do not sufficiently take into account the need for dimensions related to the Jewish community in the United States, resulting in missed opportunities on the one hand, and increased risk on the other.

The project seeks to establish an updated, meaningful, and accessible foundation of knowledge on the subject, and to formulate conclusions and recommendations for the decision making echelon in Israel, American Jewish leaders, and various groups working to strengthen relations between the two communities.

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