David Siman-Tov

David Siman-Tov
David Siman-Tov
Research Fellow


David Siman-Tov, whose primary research areas include intelligence and the cyber realm, served for twenty-five years in the IDF, in the Intelligence branch and in the Strategic Planning Branch, where he was responsible for formulating Israel's reference threat and Israeli military strategy. In recent years h served as a researcher in the IDF Intelligence Corps and co-authored (with Shai Hershkowitz) a book about the Intelligence Corps int he 1950s and articles on the history of the intelligence community. These include an article on the concept of early warning and an article on the first years of Israel's intelligence community. He authored (with Shmuel Even) the INSS memorandum Cyber Warfare: Concepts and Strategic Trends, and wrote an article on a new approach to intelligence creation. He is involved with the study of conceptual and organizational changes in the IDF and the Intelligence Branch, as well as the IDF cyber staff. He serves as a civilian consultant in the field of security.

Research Fields

  • "Soft" warfare
  • Cyber Security
  • Intelligence
  • Israel: intelligence


Battle for minds in a digital world
January 29, 2019