Director: Yoel Kozak
Assistant: Yoni Tiran Cohen

The Information Center maintains scholarly collections related to the various projects undertaken by INSS and its research staff. These include holdings in a number of fields – both traditional and interdisciplinary – such as political science, international relations, Middle East studies, military technology, geography, law, political economy, security studies, and sociology.

The Information Center also provides up-to-date periodical literature, in the form of daily newspapers, weeklies, and academic journals (dating from the 1970s to the present), and houses a comprehensive collection of all INSS research publications. Holdings number some 45,000 volumes, including acquisitions and donations to INSS. The Information Center carries out intensive use of online information resources and performs online searches on a wide variety of subjects.

The Information Center serves the research staff at INSS. In addition, all of the Center's holdings, databases, and services are open to university students, local and foreign researchers, IDF personnel, and journalists from Israel and abroad.

In 2009 INSS was privileged to acquire the books and papers of the late Ze'ev Schiff, longtime defense editor of Haaretz and member of the INSS Board of Directors. The collection, which comprises some 1,200 volumes, was an important addition to the INSS library.

The Information Center is open from Sunday to Thursday, 8:00  – 16:00.

Telephone: 03-640-0420