The International Board of Trustees, chaired by Jonathon Jacobson of Boston, comprises a group of distinguished individuals, renowned in their fields, who support INSS as part of their commitment to the national security of the State of Israel. Jeffrey Silverman is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Trustees are invited to participate in INSS events, including select closed briefings, conference calls, and strategic dialogues.

Jonathon  & Joanna Jacobson, Chairs
Jeffrey Silverman, Vice Chairman

Jeff Aeder

Lord David Alliance

Aaron Applbaum

Robert Asher

David Avital

Hillel Bachrach

Keith Black

Nissan Boury

Max and Desiree Blankfeld

Jane and Alan Batkin

Ori Reiss

Keith Breslauer

Charles Bronfman

Sir Trevor Chinn

Linda and Michael Frieze

Abby and David Cohen

Lester Crown

Craig Darian

Mick Davis

Alan Franco

Michael Goddard

Steven D. Goldberg

Martin Gross

Josh Guberman

Harry Habermann

Roger Hertog

Yossie Hollander

Ruth and Sid Lapidus

Charley Ledley

Max Levitt

Edward C. Levy

Shari and Harold Levy

Glen Lewy

Gila and Adam Milstein

Mandy Moross

Amb. Alfred Moses

Joseph and Jeanette Neubauer

Robin Chemers Neustein

Michael Perlman

Mickey Rabina

Hermann Reich

Marcia Riklis

Israel and Sari Roizman

Lawrence Rosenbloom

Haim Saban

Isaac Schapira OBE

Michael Sonnenfeldt

Michael Steinhardt

Guillermo Strauss

Albert Sweet

Doron Valero

Michael Webber

Robert Wiener